What a year!

I've had the great honor to work on some wonderful projects this year. Unfortunately, I am restricted by the all powerful NDA. I can't say a thing yet.
I did see that something I did two years ago is being released soon.
This is one of the symbols for a great new slot game from GameCode LLC.
Maya_M1_Finish Slot Game Symbol art by Mark Evans
I illustrated four symbols - both art and animation. Hopefully, I'll be able to reveal the others soon!
To see my other slot game art check High 5 Games and Epsilon Gaming.

Prints from Witches Tarot

Giclee Print Empress Witches Tarot by Mark Evans
Hello everyone!

I'm in the proof stage with the Giclee (zhee-klay) printer I've chosen to print the artwork for Witches Tarot.

For the tarot paintings, I've chosen a very thick, heavyweight, matte finish paper engineered for high contrast and crisp reproduction of high resolution images. It is Acid-free for archival longevity and really makes the colors pop.

The prints will either be 9" x 12" or 9.5" x 13" and shipped flat. The paper is too rigid to be shipped any other way.

There will also be a system in place if you want a larger print.

I've done my best to make these prints an affordable, quality item that will last for generations to come. I think everyone will be happy with the final product.

Further information about price will be forthcoming on https://www.facebook.com/WitchesTarot

and Witches Tarot.

Thank you all for your kindness and support. It means more than you know.

OH! I NOW have a facebook page.
Please be sure to follow me at https://www.facebook.com/MarkEvansIllustrator

Witches Tarot launched!!

Today I launched the Witches Tarot website. Take a look.

I think I did some of my best work on that deck.

Here is one image I think came out quite nicely.

Justice from Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans

Witches Tarot - 6 of Wands

Here is the Six of Wands from the upcoming Witches Tarot set.
witches tarot 6 of Wands by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans from  Llewellyn worldwide
This one was a lot of fun.

I had a blast doing the chain mail. Here is a detail.
witches tarot 6 of Wands head detail by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans from Llewellyn worldwide

The Witches Tarot website will be launching in a few days! Thank you for the support!!


I’ll be launching the Witches Tarot website in a few days.

Ellen Dugan and I will have prints, an artbook and a few super special limited edition items which we will sell through the website.

I’ll drop a line here when the website is up.

Until then, here is The Empress card. I’m very pleased with the way she turned out.

witches tarot The Empress by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans from  Llewellyn worldwide

Please purchase the Witches Tarot through Amazon or directly from Llewellyn.

Witches Tarot coming in September

Retail Box of The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans
In June of 2010 I started working on a seventy-eight painting tarot card deck, for Llewelyn Worldwide, called Witches Tarot.

I just received word that the deck will be released in September and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

When I accepted the job, I knew nothing of Tarot and it’s history. I was blessed to have the legendary award-winning author Ellen Dugan as my collaborator. With her guidance and vast knowledge, the meaning and symbolism of each illustration was true to the traditions of the Tarot community.

From Llewellyn Publications--

Positively radiating witchy energy, this easy-to-use tarot showcases beautiful and evocative digital artwork. Echoing the traditional Rider-Waite structure, each card includes instantly recognizable Pagan symbols that resonate with today’s Witch. In addition to card descriptions and meanings, Dugan’s companion guide features seven unique, spell-enhancing spreads for both tarot readings and magickal practice.

I think we both did some absolutely FANTASTIC work on this set. Ellen scripted and designed the deck, and wrote the original accompanying book. I’m proud of my 78 paintings and I am equally proud of the glorious text that accompanies each illustration. I thank Ellen and the good people at Llewellyn for including me in such an awesome project.

Ellen and I will have prints, an artbook and a few super special limited edition items to coincide with the release of the deck.

Watch this space for further news!!

Please purchase the Witches Tarot through Amazon or directly from Llewellyn.

BIG project with big non-disclosure agreement

I’m in the process of completing almost 75 paintings for an awesome project that will be unveiled sometime this year. I think I have been doing my best work on this assignment and I can’t wait to show everyone what I have been working on.

Mythic Palace thumbnail Mark Evans Illustrator
Until then, here is the genesis of Trade War. This was done a few years back for a game called Mythic Palace from Breakaway Games.

I received this thumbnail sketch from the Art Director. When I receive a thumbnail sketch, I always ask myself “What is it trying to say?”

These small (credit card size or so) tonal and compositional sketches are used to try out design or subject ideas. As always with thumbnails, it’s hard to translate the energy and emotion in a thumbnail into a finished image. In a thumbnail, you go for the broad gesture with tacit regard to anatomy. Some artists use this phase to graphically design the piece. They can spot blacks, cast shadows, even add in little background details. This one was pretty good. It was loose enough for me to see the action without tying me down with too much detail.

Mythic Games Trade War painting by Mark Evans Illustrator

Here is what I came up with.

I kept the broad placement of the figures and changed the pose of the figure on the left. The pose was a bit to cartoony for my realistic art style. Even though I think I sacrificed some of the energy in the thumbnail because of that decision, I think I made the right call.

Trade War Corel Painter Mark Evans
The finish was done in Corel Painter.

I have a couple more Mythic Palace paintings. I’ll post them over the next few days.

Another NDA restricted update.

This is another brief update until I get clearance to show illustrations from the projects I've been working on.

What's been added:
The following illustrations have been added to my site:

The Star Trek Federation Commander: Romulan Border cover I did for Star Fleet Games,

A cover I finished for Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven,

A painting on Brothels of The Old West for Magna Publishing Group, and a painting of Thoros of Myr that appeared in Fantasy Flight Games The Art of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire artbook.

Painful Upgrade also appeared as the cover to the March 2006 issue of "Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine". I love the cover design.

The Tyranny of the NDA. The Tyranny of the NDA.

I'm working on a big project with a very strict NDA (Non- Disclosure Agreement). This update will be brief until I can reveal what I've been working on.

I recently completed an interview for Russia's largest Sci-fi/Fantasy magazine The World of Sci-fi. I'll include the text of the interview after it's published in a few weeks.

I added a Prime Directive Klingons cover I did for Star Fleet Games Star Trek D20 line and a cover I did for the fantastic new Federation Commander: Klingon Border board game to my website.

I completed some new illustrations for Fantasy Flight Games The Art of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire artbook. I'll put those on the site as soon as the book is released. I also have quite a few CCG paintings scattered throughout the book. Be sure to check it out.