Univers imaginaires de Laurent Martin

Prestigious French publisher Citadeles & Mazenod has released Univers imaginaires by Laurent Martin.

It is an unprecedented anthology combining science fiction, fantasy and literature. The book is a 500 page, slipcased hardcover with over 300 illustrations and 150 literary extracts.

I am honored beyond words that my painting is on the cover.
If you have a chance, to pick it up! It is one of the finest publications I have ever been involved in.
Cover Illustration by Mark Evans for Univers imaginaires by Laurent Martin

Marvel Legendary Civil War

Marvel Legendary Civil War Box Cover Art has been released!

Mark Evans Cover Artist for Marvel Legendary Civil War published by Upper DeckMarvel Legendary Civil War box art by Mark Evans -Upper Deck Marvel Comics Captain America Iron Man Thor The Vision Maria Hill Spider Man

I can't explain how much fun I had painting the box art for this great game. I love Marvel and I thank them and Upper Deck for the opportunity.

The Immortal Snake Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine cover

Cover for The Immortal Snake from the May 2008 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine
I put up an older painting I did for the cover of the May 2008 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. The illustration shows the characters in Rachel Pollack's Immortal Snake.
It was a tale of a near-divine ruler and the religion and beliefs that legitimize him. Great stuff!

City of Lies starring Michael Madsen

Every once and a blue moon I hook up with someone whose work I really enjoy.

Elias Plagianos is one of those people. We started working together on illustrations for his Indie films a few years back. I’ve watched him and his company ESP Films Ltd. slowly win award after award. A few weeks ago, he asked me to draw a promo piece for his new film City of Lies starring the great Michael Madsen. The problem was that he needed the painting completed in a very, very short period of time.

City of Lies Sketch
I decided the only way I was going to make the deadline was to render it using a “colored pencil” style. Basically, that means getting the values down in pencil and applying color in transparent washes and colored pencil over top. This is a technique that if planned out properly at the very beginning, can greatly speed up the process. I used Photoshop CS3 to create a digital pencil and rendered a tight comp.

City of Lies starring Michael Madsen finish Painting
Once the sketch was approved, I applied color over the digital pencils. Photoshop was used for this step as well. Even though this painting is a bit rougher than my normal paintings, I’m very pleased with the overall image.

New Painting - Antipop Consortium Florescent Black Album Cover

 Antipop Consortium Florescent Black Album Cover
In 2009 the music group Antipop Consortium hired me to create the cover to their fourth album, Florescent Black. I’m honored that my illustration graces the cover of this magnificent album.

A painting in Spectrum 17 and 14

Nightbane Spectrum 17 Award winner
Spectrum 17 The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art will be out in a few weeks and I was lucky enough to have my painting Nightbane chosen for this years edition. Thank you to the judges and everyone at Spectrum Fantastic Art for including me in such a prestigious book.

Experiment Spectrum 14 award winner
I should also mention (since this site has been inactive for a few years) my painting Experiment appeared in Spectrum Volume 14.