Ivy Heist from Epsilon Gaming

It's always nice to see someone playing one of the games I produced with Epsilon Gaming.

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Way Too Cute! Epsilon Gaming

Way Too Cute Forest_CrystalSlant_32 IGT Epsilon Gaming Slot Machine Game

Way Too Cute Forest has been released! Here is one of the pieces I did for the game.
Way Too Cute Forest Cute Foxes IGT Epsilon Gaming Slot Machine Game

Please check the link for other Epsilon Gaming art.

Epsilon Gaming! Soon at a Casino near you!

Two games I have created with Epsilon Games President and Math Master Dr. Stuart Zoble and talented people at IGT are hitting casino floors in the next few months! I have included a few pieces of artwork I did for the games on my site.Epsilon Gaming Indigo Eyes, Ivy Heist Layout by Mark Evans

Epsilon Gaming

Epsilon Gaming IndigoEyes CrystalSlantEpsilon Gaming Ivy HeistEpsilon Gaming Scarlet Theif

I have been working with IGT on some great new slot games. I am adding a few pieces of art to the site. Stay tuned!

The Big Show

I don't know how I missed this!
High 5 Games put this out on their youtube channel a few years ago.

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Hera's Honor

During my time at High 5 Games, I worked on the slot game Hera's Honor. This is one of the most spectacular win cycles I did at the company. I designed all the graphics and art.