I'll be appearing with Kevin Siembieda and Wayne Smith of Palladium Books at UBERCON VIII : OCTOBER 20 - 22 in Secaucus, NJ. Palladium Books makes some of the best most innovative games out there and it's an honor for me to appear with them.

The owner and creator of Palladium Books, Kevin Siembieda was kind enough to let me appear at his booth and I want to thank him publicly for his generosity.

Since I'll be at Palladium's table, I'm going to make this appearance very Palladium-centric. In addition to some of my other prints, I'll be bringing along the original artwork for Palladium Books Rifts CCG and maybe a Palladium cover or two. I also received permission from Palladium to make a few prints of the Madhaven cover. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, want me to sign any CCG cards, or just want to chew the fat please stop by the Palladium Books table.

See you at the con!

BTW I think the new World of Warcraft card game will be released in time for this con. If you have any cards for me to sign just drop by!

Cosmos The Magazine of Science

A bunch of cool things happening this time around. Soon you'll see my work in a fantastic new product from Scholastic Interactive. I can't say more than that.

I'm also finishing up some pieces for Upper Deck's World of Warcraft game. That was a blast to be a part of and I think I did some of my best work for the new game.

Here are the updates!

What's been added:
If any of you live overseas or have access to a magazine store with a well-stocked international section, check out Issue #9 of Australia's slick new Cosmos Magazine. I painted the cover and illustrated a fascinating article on the Higgs Boson- a hypothetical sub-microscopic particle that is fundamental to a complete understanding of matter.

The interview I completed for Russia's largest Sci-fi/Fantasy magazine The World of Sci-fi has finally been published. I've added the text to my site.

One of my paintings is on the cover of the May 2006 Science Fiction Book Club Magazine. I've been a member of this club for years and it was a treat to see my artwork on their catalog.

Another NDA restricted update.

This is another brief update until I get clearance to show illustrations from the projects I've been working on.

What's been added:
The following illustrations have been added to my site:

The Star Trek Federation Commander: Romulan Border cover I did for Star Fleet Games,

A cover I finished for Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven,

A painting on Brothels of The Old West for Magna Publishing Group, and a painting of Thoros of Myr that appeared in Fantasy Flight Games The Art of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire artbook.

Painful Upgrade also appeared as the cover to the March 2006 issue of "Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine". I love the cover design.


I just got news that I'll have a painting next year in Volume 13 of Spectrum - The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art!
Thank you to the judges and everyone at Spectrum Fantastic Art for including me in such a prestigious book.