Star Wars and 3.0

It's been a LONG time between updates. I apologize for that.

Most of the delay has been caused by life and it's challenges. I've spent the last few years taking care of a very sick family member. Consequently, updates to this site have taken a back seat. In the last few months, thanks to positive health reports, the family member and myself have managed to develop a workable "status quo." That has given me some breathing room to tackle a few things that have been repeatedly subordinated to the "do it tomorrow file."

One of those things has been a refinement of the underlying structure of my website.

When I initially designed this site, I barely knew what I was doing. Consequently, this site is a house of cards. One little mistake can destroy the integrity of an entire page. This makes updates unnecessarily complex and a pain to do. I am in the process of a complete overhaul.

In addition to a sketch blog and an RSS feed, there will be a great deal of new images added to site 3.0. Some of the illustrations will include paintings completed for Sony Online Entertainment, Upper Deck, Scholastic, Magic The Gathering and Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine.

Expect the new streamlined site by the end of December.

Before I go, I wanted to share a bit of news before the new site goes live.
Luke Skywalker Start Wars Galaxies

This year I had the pleasure to work with Sony Online Entertainment on their new TCG called Star Wars Galaxies - Champions of the Force. Lucasfilm chose my painting of Luke Skywalker to show off some of the fantastic art from the new game.

I'm a BIG Star Wars geek so this has special meaning to me.
See you with 3.0 in a few weeks!!